Awarding benefits to boost employees’ commitment and wellbeing

Employees, especially those with a demanding and time-consuming job, might not always have an adequate amount of time to take care of their personal needs, or, however, might surely find beneficial to be relieved from some of the worries which affect everyone. 

A great way to ensure the appreciation and gratefulness of employees is, therefore, that of providing them with benefits aimed specifically at satisfying their needs

In fact, if, for example, the company provides its employees with a nursery for their children, they will be relieved of the concern of leaving their children during work time being much more focused and calm when carrying out their working activities. 

Moreover, they will feel like they are being taken care of and will show greater commitment and appreciation for their work, leading, as a consequence, to greater productivity

Offering to the employees valuable benefits, therefore, is a strategy to increase both their happiness and productivity. In order for this to happen, however, the right benefit must be chosen; this is done by taking into account the specific needs of the employees (to discover them a survey can be used), the budget at your disposal and that adequate and precise rules must be set (making sure, also, that the proposed benefit plan is perfectly compliant with labour laws). 

Some examples of particularly appreciated benefits are: 

  • Lump sum for nursery
  • Gym vouchers
  • Healthcare-related services
  • Gift cards (e.g. for entertainment or IT devices)
  • Vouchers for meals or transports

Another potentially useful, for the sake of the firm, way to use benefits and gift cards, might be that of using them as a reward for productivity and the achieving of specific goals in order to boost employees’ motivation.

If you want to know more about how to take advantage of benefits and gift cards in your company you can find more information in INNovaSouth’s manual here.