Company & team-building events to foster cooperation

By the term “company events” we refer to a wide range of events, from team building activities to client events, conferences and awards.

Their duration can vary from just a few hours a day to large conferences that last a week, depending on the goals and objectives of each event.

Often they can refer to activities which aim to empower a workgroup and the entire human resources of a business, fun activities for staff members, a business festival around an interesting idea of ​​the company, or events that will help staff interact with the counterpart of other companies or executives of other companies.

The purpose of this type of activity is to enhance the relationship and interaction of staff, create a pleasant working environment and communicate it inside and outside the business in order to achieve better cooperation with all parts.

Want to discover ideas for similar events that your business could organize?

Find what you are looking for in the Online Manual of Good Practices on Workplace Innovation here, which was developped in the framework of the InnovaSouth project.