Extra Days off: A simple way to maximize your employee’s satisfaction and commitment

Job satisfaction is an important asset for work-life balance, which contributes effectively to increased productivity  (Direnzo et al, 2015). Every employer knows that the productivity and dedication of his employees depends on many factors. One of them, perhaps the most important is how satisfied they are with their work. It is crucial to be motivated by rewards for achieving a goal, for example.  Salary increase, bonuses or promotion, are not the only rewards included. Verbal rewards, employee recognition, free training, flexible working hours and extra leave days, can be remarkable rewards for employees (Güngör 2011). However, each person is different and not everyone is motivated in the same way. Depending on what suits everyone the most, rewarding benefits can be adapted.

At a time when working rates are very high and work demands create more stress and less time off, it is important to give rewards that allow employees to achieve a balanced between work and personal life. Research shows that organizations that do not care about the work-life balance of employees end up having employees who are less committed to their work  (Antoni et al, 2017).

Extra days off are a simple and generally desirable way of rewarding. While everyone has different professional goals and needs to be tailored to the criteria for a reward in order to fulfill their purpose, that is, employee satisfaction, the extra days off seem to be a universal means of rewarding. This application seems to benefit both sides. The employee will make the most of his or her potential and time in an optimal way to achieve the goal. The employer will be pleased to know that his employees are trying their best to earn the extra leave. At the same time, however, it ensures the prosperity of the employment relationship, as the employee is satisfied and motivated to strive to be more effective. The extra days off allow employees to have more personal and family time, to get more involved with their hobbies, to exercise or to rest more.

Returning to their jobs, will be more productive once they have taken care of their personal needs and this will allow them to be more committed to their goals, knowing that this effort will be rewarded.

If you want to know more about Workplace Innovation and Extra Days off you can find it in InnovaSouth’s manual here

Link: https://innovasouthproject.eu/online-manual/extra-days-off/