Improve your company’s workflows with greater transparency!

If a company has to work properly, a well functioning information and communication flow is essential.

Such a goal, however, would not be obtainable without the presence in the company of a prerequisite value: transparency.

Transparency is not something that depends from the logistics or the structure of the company, or from the offices where employees work, but, on the contrary, is something that can be achieved through the right mindset of every member of the company and the right culture.

In order to effectively build a work environment characterized by transparency there are some major rules that management must follow:

There must be trust towards the decision-making of each employee, providing them with any relevant information that will empower them to be autonomous. At the same way, who is responsible of what should be always perfectly clear to anyone in order to avoid both overlapping of roles and tasks left un-assigned, providing also everyone with clear points of reference for any issue.

To build transparency, moreover, the performances of the company should not be kept hidden to the employees which should always be well aware of how things are going.

It is also very important that, when a company puts transparency at the center of its values, the “right people” are hired, meaning those people who share the vision of the company about the importance of transparency itself.

Transparency can have several positive impacts on both the performances of an organisation and the wellbeing of its employees:

  • It makes the operations much smoother, and unambiguous;
  • Company’s goals are set in a much more realistic way since all the information and data needed are easy to reach;
  • Company’s hierarchies are flattened;
  • Everyone is encouraged to give its contribution, providing companies with a greater pool of potentially innovative and profitable ideas;
  • Employees are much more satisfied on the job.

If you want to discover more about this interesting topic and learn how transparency can be beneficial to your company, read the dedicated chapter of INNovaSouth’s manual here.