Let the information flow effectively by improving your company’s internal communication

When a group of people has to work together to reach a certain objective it is of  extreme importance that they have always suitable means to communicate between them.

In fact, having a flawless internal communication has many benefits for a company:

  • It ensures that relevant information reach the right people and are used for the good of the company. Moreover, if information travel at a higher speed within the company there are greater chances that responses to crisis and emergencies will be faster and more effective.
  • Improves the relationship between the members of the team increasing also their reciprocal trust leading to a more pleasant environment for employees.
  • Better time management, since there are not wastes of time due to misunderstanding and everyone is informed about what is needed and must be done.
  • Overall improvement of operations’ efficiency.

Another feature, often overlooked, of efficient internal communication is the one regarding the impact on innovation. Innovation does not come always from the management but the most ground-breaking ideas can come also from the “floor-level” of the companies: all that it takes is that such ideas are actually heard by managers: and for this to happen effective communication means are crucial.

The objective of the improvement of the internal communication can be reached quite easily with help of technology.

In fact, there are available on  the market several tools aimed specifically to allow an optimization of communication within work teams.

This kind of resources can be divided into two main “families”: synchronous and asynchronous communication tools.

Synchronous communication methods are those which occur in real time without any delay in the reception.

There are several advantages in using them: real-time collaboration, immediate response and feedback, better social presence etc.

Examples of synchronous communication methods can be online chat and video-conferencing tools.  

Asynchronous Communication methods, instead, are those that do not foresee an immediate response from the other interlocutor; using these methods each party of the dialogue answers, therefore, at his own pace.

Among their main pros there are the possibility of a deeper reflection before answering and a greater manageability of crowded conversations.

Among the asynchronous communication methods there are: emails, forums/blogs, or services that allow for the sharing of documents on the cloud (as, for example, Google Drive).

Which tool to choose for your company between the various options that are currently offered on the market depends from a series of factors that you should take into account such as the dimensions of your company, how many people would use it, how the workflow is generally organised and  the budget you have at your disposal.

What is certain is that given the benefits that an improved internal communication can bring to your company, both for the quality of the work environment and for the overall productivity, it is surely worth undertaking the effort of finding the right tool for your needs.

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