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Design a Creative Brainstorming Space in your company’s offices


Estimated budget: 2.800€ - 3.980€

In today’s competitive business landscape, promoting and creating a culture of innovation has become more important than ever for all kinds of businesses. While most business owners acknowledge the importance of innovating, many struggle to proactively plan for it – especially when it comes to office design.
One of the most effective ways to promote and ensure innovation is to encourage employees to collaborate and brainstorm together. To this direction, workplaces must provide creative brainstorming spaces where managers and employees can effectively innovate.
Brainstorming rooms provide a natural crossroads for coworkers to meet and share ideas. They can be both informal (e.g. a large table in the break room) and formal (e.g. a walled conference room). Moreover, due to the social nature of the brainstorming rooms, it is ideal to be located in private or semi-private areas of your company’s offices, where noise and other distractions won’t affect the brainstorming sessions.
Below you can find some recommendations on how to design a creative brainstorming room in your offices. Of course, the first and most significant step in order to design the ideal brainstorming room for you and your company is to record and identify your needs and your office’s capacity for the creation of a brainstorming room.


Encouraging collaboration, comfortable seating and variety of postures are the most important keywords for you to keep in mind while looking for and selecting the right furniture for the brainstorming room.
– Lounge seating signals the space is open and relaxed, making employees feel comfortable and encouraging informal conversations. Ideally, you can select portable lounge furniture so coworkers can shape them either in a “campfire” form, or in a U form, etc.
– Include taboret and footstools in order to ensure an active sitting option.
– Provide standing height tables with stools to encourage employees to switch postures, keeping them engaged.
– Tables with casters allow the team to easily rearrange the room as they see fit for the task at hand.

Equipment & supplies

Having the right equipment and supplies available is key for successful brainstorming and collaboration. Some of the most important equipment and supplies that a brainstorming room should include are:
– Pens / pencils and notebooks in order to allow people take their notes.
– Post-it notes, whiteboards and markers. If possible, include mobile whiteboards to allow users to move them as they see fit.
– Tackable surfaces, like foam core boards.
– Monitors with plug and play capabilities in order to facilitate sharing of digital content of the collaboration with remote teammates through video conferencing.


Decoration is an important aspect for inspiring spaces that encourage creativity and collaboration. Below, you may find some suggestions on how to decorate and an effective brainstorming room:
– If possible, ensure that the brainstorming space has plenty of natural light.
– If possible, paint the walls with a calming and inspiring color. Some indicative examples of such colors are: blue-green, mauve, beige, sky blue and soft gray.
– Use layered storage which will help you keep all materials handy and better define the space.
– A rug will make the room more comfortable and also help absorb noise.

Summarizing the aforementioned recommendations and steps, here is what an ideal brainstorming room should include:
Portable lounge furniture with a minimum of 6-8 people capacity
2-3 portable tables
1 height standing table along with 4-6 footstools
2 portable whiteboards
1 foam core board
A variety of office supplies, such as pens, pencils, markers, post-it notes and notebooks
2 monitors, ideally 32’’ or 43’’
1 rug

Necessary human resources

External human resources such as a professional decorator, professional painters, professionals for furniture assembly, etc. will be necessary for the design and creation of a brainstorming room.

Estimated budget

Lounge furniture (min. 6-8 people capacity): 600€-800€
6 conference chairs: 25€-35€ (each)
2 portable tables: 100€-150€
1 height standing table along with 4-6 footstools: 600€-800€
2 portable whiteboards: 100€ – 200€ (each)
1 foam core board: 20€-30€
Office supplies: 30€-40€ (per month)
2 monitors: 200€ – 300€ (each)
1 rug: 200€ – 300€
Decoration & renovation services: 400€-500€

Expected impact

Example(s) of prior application

Company name: Skroutz S.A.

Location: Athens, Greece
Number of employees: 200+

How the WPI was implemented?

Skroutz S.A. is the dominant E-commerce brand which operates the leading price comparison engine in Greece. The company is committed to modern software development actively creating bleeding edge ecommerce offerings and high-performance web pages. Company’s team consists of passionate developers and designers that tackle the challenges of creating a wide range of user-oriented software solutions, involving a multitude of environments and innovational platforms.

Benefits obtained

The office of the company provides an ergonomic working environment and conducting a friendly working atmosphere for the employees. The company’s premises include a large dining room (providing free breakfast for the staff), relaxing space, brainstorming room, comfortable offices etc. This quality workspace design leads to a less stressful and more productive atmosphere.


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