Optimize your internal management procedures


Estimated budget: 50-200€ per month

How you can optimize your internal management procedures?

Many companies often need to face problems related to inefficiency, waste of time, money and human resources. All these problems can clearly damage the organisation’s work and productivity. This is where the management systems or business management software come into play. They are modular software that allow to monitor and analyse company optimisation in all its phases, from production to sales and from customer management to administration and accounting.

The project management software is a precise and advanced computer programme that allows the automation of the most important business processes for all types of SMEs. The simplification of the work obtained thanks to the adoption of a business software allows any industrial process to be optimised, with minimum effort and maximum results. Thus, each step and activity can be easily controlled by the management programme.

The main reason why a management software is essential for a company  is linked to a series of advantages that bring value to the business activity, directing it towards a faster and safer expansion.

There are different types of project management software that differ according to the specific features they offer and to the field in which they are applied. There are therefore specific project management software or more generic one, suitable also for freelancers.

As an example, accordingly to the company’s sector, on the market is possible to find:

  • Billing management software: the most widespread management programmes, these software deal with accounting and billing;
  • Restaurant management software: it allows waiters to take orders from the tablet, manage tables, stocks, price lists and much more;
  • Hotel management software: for the management of hotel, B&B and farm holiday reservations;
  • Store management software: to manage warehouse stocks, prices and related discounts or returns;

Production management software: to manage everything related to production.

Necessary human resources

The implementation of a management software in the company, does not involve any additional human resource. Rather, all managers and also employees should use the software, after following a specific course on its use, to manage their activities at any level.

Estimated budget

The cost of a CRM varies depending on the functionalities the company is looking for, in fact it can be highly customized. Most of them require a monthly fee, ranging from around 50 to 200 euros, including any assistance and maintenance.

Let’s see what you can reach thanks to a business management software in order to improve the processes within your company:

  • Monitor the time spent in the different activities: by specifying the working hours needed to carry out a specific activity, it is possible to maintain full control over the work flow of all the components of the company;
  • Monitor the budget spent on each activity: budgeting helps the company understand how to improve its efficiency;
  • Set up meetings, calls and write reports: the team collaborate, teamwork is simplified and optimised;
  • Synchronise your e-mails: by connecting your email client with the programme, you can store the e-mails related to a specific project improving your work;
  • Manage one or more warehouses, also in different places: it is possible to keep the entire warehouse activity under control, to manage orders and stocks;
  • Monitor any advertising campaigns effectively: data analysis allows to create campaigns and monitors their monthly performance;
  • Create multiple projects and organise them in micro activities: with the organisation of the activities to be carried out and the subdivision of a project into micro activities, it will be easier to distribute the work and achieve the objectives set.

The advantages of a CRM

Below some of the main advantages of adopting a project management software in your company:

  • Work faster: a business management programme allows you to optimise the timing of each activity;
  • Data analysis and reporting: beyond the basic features, a project management software offers the possibility to conduct in-depth periodic analyses in a very short time, in order to keep under control and modulate your corporate strategy based on relevant indicators;
  • Remote control: thanks to the cloud-based technology, a management software allows data to be stored on shared servers, allowing access to more than one employee;
  • Time and cost reduction: with a project management software, the time required to carry out the activities is reduced along with the labour costs.

The choice of the project management software depends on the activities of the company and on its specific operational needs.

Example(s) of prior application

Company name: L’ ERBOLARIO

Number of emloyees: 210
Location: Tuscany, ITALY

How the WPI was implemented?

L’ERBOLARIO was founded 35 years ago to produce vegetable-derived cosmetics, sold in herbal medicine and in pharmacies with a herbal department. The growth, in terms of both size and product sales points, has led the company to constantly refine its management tools. The system used to manage the network of agents was no longer adequate for maximum management efficiency, so the top management decided to adopt a digital tool to manage customers’ orders.

Results obtained

With the introduction of the software, the company has achieved a net increase in productivity linked to the time saved by agents in order management. In fact, with the new CRM all the agents are allowed to access the system, this allows to have an overall overview of the situation of each customer in real time, while before it was difficult to find information immediately. Another benefit from the introduction of a management system is the possibility to create new business processes that allow to involve more both agents and other stakeholders and have also the possibility to extend CRM functions on tablets and all devices with the advantage to enter the system and work everywhere.–
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