Employee driven improvement & innovation: creating opportunities for reflection and improvement

Promoting your employees’ life-long education & improvement: planning and organization of various courses & seminars


Estimated budget
Custom platform: 800€ - 1.000€ for the services of an IT expert Ready platform: 26€ - 2000€ / month

What is lifelong learning and training?

Lifelong learning is defined as the “ongoing, voluntary and self-motivated” pursuit of knowledge for either personal or professional reasons. Therefore, lifelong learning not only enhances social inclusion, active citizenship and personal development, but also self-sustainability, as well as competitiveness and employability.

Why promote lifelong learning in your company?

Nowadays, the necessary skills that employees need in order to be successful in their work are changing rapidly, while companies need to have quick reflexes in order to adapt to new industry trends and requirements. Therefore, continuous learning is an effective tool that will help your employees stay competitive in their field, while ensuring that they will be ready to cope with the relevant changes.

How to develop a “lifelong learning culture” in your company?

Set continuous learning as an important strategic goal

Embody continuous learning to your company’s strategic planning and encourage your employees to work towards this goal as they would work for other performance-based goals.

Actively support your employees with their learning activities

Either it is about in-company or outside of the work environment learning activities, support your employees with all means available. By doing that, you will notice that your employees will be more productive and highly motivated to stay with your company.

Promote cross-department training

Cross-department training is proved to be a significant tool for making your company more agile, since your employees are able to see beyond the microsphere of their job place and routine.

Acknowledge and reward your employees’ efforts

According to an American Psychological Association survey, 93% percent of employees declare that they are more motivated to do their best when their value and work is acknowledged. Therefore, rewarding the “learning employees of the year” has multiple positive effects: it is way through which you really show your appreciation for your employees’ efforts but, also, it is a way to support the fact that continuous learning is an important goal for you and your company.

How to design your company’s lifelong learning courses?

Co-design the learning courses with your employees

The first, and probably most important, step towards designing the ideal learning course for your company is to allow your employees co-create the courses with you. Conduct a short and quick survey among your employees in order to collect their feedback on their learning needs and requirements. Having collected all this valuable feedback, you can outline the fields that your employees think of high importance and, if necessary, add some that you think of high importance. It is almost certain that this co-creation procedure will contribute to the success and effectiveness of your learning courses.

Select your learning channel

Although traditional learning courses taking place in a classroom is a standard way for implementing a learning course, online learning / e-learning through learning management platforms is getting more and more popular as an innovative, cost-effective, flexible and dynamic tool for implementing your company’s learning courses. In the following table, six of the most popular learning management platforms are being presented in order for you to choose the ideal solution for you and your company.

Choose the learning topics and develop your own library

Apart from your employees’ suggestions, you may also consider the following topics for your learning courses:

Learning course for developing your employees’ soft skills (for more information, you may check “Innovative and interactive practices for developing your employees’ soft skills”).

Specialized learning courses focusing on work and industry related topics, e.g. accounting, marketing, digital marketing, financial management, HR management, etc. (for more information you may check “Promoting your employees’ professional training”).

Foreign languages learning courses

For all the above, you may find that a collaboration with an external expert is necessary in order to ensure the highest possible quality of your learning courses and their contents.

Always have your employees’ workflow in mind

New technologies such as learning management platforms facilitate training and education, but only if employees are able to actually use it. So, make sure to carefully integrate the continuous learning courses into your employees’ daily and typical workflows.

Necessary human resources

The managers support the employees to participate to courses and trainings. By participating at the trainings, employees will develop their skills and competences.

Expected impact

Lifelong training is related to a variety of tangible benefits, both on employee satisfaction and productivity:

Example(s) of prior application

Company name: Sidiropoulos Transport SA

Location: Thessaloniki, Greece
Number of employees: 50+

How the WPI was implemented?

Sidiropoulos Transport SA is one of the leading transport companies in the field of management and carriage of containers in the Northern Greece. The company cooperates with one of the leading worldwide shipping companies, Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC).

This collaboration becomes the competitive advantage of the company, as it is responsible to manage the majority of containers of MSC in Northern Greece. The reputation and the capability of Sidiropoulos Transport SA are reinforced by this strategic cooperation which can become a major selective factor by future customers.

Results obtained

Continuous training of company’s employees helped the development of the ideology of the company, which promotes road safety standards. The company organizes seminars at regular basis, meeting the needs of its staff knowledge on specific issues related to transport and safety.


Other examples:
ΕΛΒΟ – Hellenic Vehicle Industry SA

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