Understand your company’s strengths and weaknesses implementing an Internal Evaluation procedure!

Companies always have the chance to improve. It requires effort and an adequate strategic planning but it also requires having a clear idea of what must be improved within the company.

One of the best ways to always have a clear picture of what is working within a company and what, instead, is not, is to listen to those people who “leave” the company: its employees.

The management, in fact, can have a biased view of the company or, even, the point of view from which they watch at the company’s processes does not allow them to understand what in a given moment is not working properly; the employees, instead, since they experience daily such processes will be able, if audited correctly, to give back an exact representation of the “health conditions” of the organisation.

When defining the methods to be used to perform such evaluation, however, the structure of the company and the disposition of the employees must be taken carefully into account, selecting the methods which better suits the organisation’s environment.

What is important is that, if not every single employee – which could be rather difficult for bigger companies -, at least some representative of each level of the company and of each team is heard during the evaluation process so to not leave out any potentially precious feedback or insight, hindering the usefulness of the whole operation. Moreover, giving the same weight to the opinions of the various components of the company is an important prerequisite in the effort to achieve a harmonious atmosphere within the company.  

A function of internal evaluation, not to be underestimated, is that of allowing not only a good understanding of what is not going well in a company but also to identify which are its strengths on which to rely strategically also in the future! Therefore, it does not only allow to detect what must be fixed but also to fine tune the company’s strategy in order to better tap into its competitive advantages.

As we have seen implementing in your company effective internal evaluation methods can vastly improve its productivity by helping it to grow and improve. Internal evaluation, also, increases employees’ retention, since they feel themselves “listened to” by the managers, thus becoming more loyal.  

To get a deeper knowledge of the theme of the internal evaluation and, most of all, to get practical insights about how to put it into practice, read the dedicated chapter of INNovaSouth’s manual here.

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