What is Workplace Innovation?

The term Workplace Innovation (WPI) refers to those innovative and combined interventions in work organisation, human resource management and supportive technologies that aim at producing a tangible and sustainable change in the day-to-day culture of an organisation, giving the employees the opportunity to fully use and develop their knowledge, skills, experience and creativity. One of the benefits of an innovative workplace is using space to increase productivity and employee satisfaction while at work.

According to a research made by the Business Innovation Observatory about “Workplace Innovation. Solutions for enhancing workplace productivity”, enhancing workplace productivity entails improvements to the efficiency of production by any organisation employing personnel.

Moreover, the research underlines how the socio-economic effect of solutions for enhancing workplace productivity is significant and is essential for future economic growth in Europe.

For example, at the level of the employee, workplace innovation solutions that result in more mobility might lead to greater flexibility and better work-life balance, while at the level of organisations, workplace innovation enhances productivity, enables organisations to recruit and retain talent better, and lowers real estate cost whilst offering possibilities to reduce the environmental footprint of these organisations. From a macro perspective the benefits of enhancing workplace productivity can be linked to sustainable economic growth at the country-level.

The INNovaSouth project stems from this assumption, aiming to improve the entrepreneurial culture of SMEs in Southern Europe and at the same time increase market resilience and business competitiveness of companies by providing services and financial support for the implementation of several Workplace Innovative solutions.

To do so, a Call for Proposals will be launched in the first months of 2020, offering Sicilian and Thessalian SMEs vouchers at a value of € 8.000 to be spent on workplace innovation activities, goods, tools and best practices, to encourage and motivate local SMEs to effectively adopt these solutions within their organizations and increase their competitiveness.

STAY TUNED and follow us to obtain the voucher and start your pathway towards innovation!