Why Employee Engagement is Important for Strategic Planning

Employee engagement is an effective business strategy that needs hard work to make it happen. In the minds of many people, engagement is many times confused with job satisfaction. Although not intrinsically wrong, engaging your employees is something deeper that emotionally connects employees with the organization that they work for.

However, despite the abstract and unquantifiable nature of employee engagement, the results are very real and too important to ignore. Engaged employees are an asset for implementing strategic goals and a crucial piece for any organization’s success. For this reason, businesses need to develop their strategies on how to enable active participation.

The Importance of Active Employee Participation in Strategic Planning

Employees are an integral part of any company, and as such, they need to feel satisfied and valued in the workplace. If these qualities are true, employees perform better and can make all the necessary decisions to the organization’s benefit.

Specifically, one right way to achieve the above is to actively include the employees in many critical strategic decisions like defining its vision and values. Nowadays, imposing top-down management has become somewhat obsolete and is always met with resistance. In other words, utilizing an “us” versus “them” approach is not inspiring for employees, and that is the last thing an organization needs.

What are some of the most important benefits of employee engagement?

1.      Better employee health

2.      Happy employees

3.      Lower absenteeism

4.      Low employee turnover

5.          High profitability

 It may be a taxing matter to keep your employees engaged and motivated continually, but seeing the above benefits, it is evident that organizations should make it a priority. This is not only about the administrative gains, but it is also suitable for the employees themselves.  

Let us review some of the basic strategies that companies currently employ to engage their employees.

Employee Engagement Strategies

Employee engagement is about measuring the dedication of employees to their work. In other words, employees do not only care about their paycheck but are more widely interested in the organization’s success. This happens when they feel valued at work and that their positive contribution through their work will benefit them somehow.

However, there is a fine line between engaged and disengaged employees. Employee disengagement comes from many directions. A source may be the poor compensation or unappreciated feelings in the workplace. Organizations need to make sure that they have strategies in place to benefit from their engaged workforce.

Businesses can utilize some of the strategies below to engage their employees:

1.    Create surveys through which workers can relay their biggest day-to-day challenges or define the vision of the company. These surveys are an excellent source for management to respond to their workforce’s needs and align its vision.

2.  Uphold core values and be accountable. A company should always promote and communicate the core values that employees should have and create a coherent team. Also, everyone irrespectively of its seniority should be held accountable for not exhibiting these values.

3.      Provide growth opportunities. Workers should feel that there is upward mobility inside the company and that hard work is rewarded.

4.    Reward top performers. A mechanism needs to be in place that recognizes team members’ contributions and their according reward. Rewards may include cash prizes, day-offs, gift cards, and others.

5.      Create a fun environment. Employees need to feel like they belong to a community of people working for the same goal. They can have theme days, celebrate things like birthdays and other personal achievements.


It has become essential nowadays for employees to feel valued and be engaged with their work. So, organizations now compete in more ways than just a service or product category. They need to establish the right working environment to permit their employees to flourish and connect with the company on a deeper level. Everyone should agree that the benefits to both the employees and the business are worth the required extra effort.

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